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'Let's Go Dreams' out now on all platforms

The Story

Project Splashy; the new venture by London based business woman Monika will bring together artists and innovators to create content that inspires everyone to dream big and believe in themselves. 


'It all starts with a dream' - Monika

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I'm Monika

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“Working in one of the most impoverished regions of London and meeting thousands of small kids, youngsters and families, across all cultures and ages, one thing they all have in common is that they dream a little or not at all. Something that should be free for everyone is no longer available. That's when the book came to mind and Splashy was born.  But before you hear the full story, this is my way of introducing you to Project Splashy through a song. I am not a singer, nor a music writer, yet I am releasing a song. You want to know how? Well, it's because I chose to dream about it day and night. It all starts with a dream! You do not need to know how you will achieve them, but just start dreaming.”

Project Splashy will emphasise the need for people to believe that everything is possible, and also encourage them to pursue their lifelong dreams. Launching with a single titled Let's go dreams’ the project will also comprise an album, a book, a movie, a musical, a foundation and anything Monika and her team can dream of - all focused on strengthening the belief system of endless possibilities. 


Let's go dreams!



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